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15 03 2011

Thinking about the change that I wish to make, which was to get Chick-fil-a to not support anti-gay organizations, I have gone back and forth with figuring out if this was an appropriate change to shoot for. Personally, I love the overall chick-fil-a service and experience that I get when I come into a restaurant. The President of Chick-fil-a ,Dan T. Cathy pointed out  that the company’s mission is to provide a welcoming environment for everyone, but I do not feel that each customer is as equally value in the company’s eyes .

While researching and reading about this topic and  recently watching a video that the President and Chief Operating Officer of chick-fil-a Dan T. Cathy did in response to the donation incident involving the anti-gay organization, Pennsylvania Family institute incident which was posted on the company’s facebook page, I decided to work on another angle for what I wanted to change.

In response to the video posted on their Facebook page directly, I do not understand why the company chose to post their response on a Facebook page rather than their national website. I feel that a matter as serious as this should be seen by all customers and not limited to just Facebook users. In fact most of Facebook users probably are not even aware that there was a video posted on the company’s social media page.

I feel that the questions I have about the company’s operation have been described in an article issued by the HRC, which stands for Human Rights Campaign. In the article they raise questions such as; Does the company include sexual orientation and gender identity in its non-discrimination policy? Are their policies in place to examine whether to make donations to certain groups? The funny thing is which was stated in the article that I find very interesting is that we do not know the answers.  According to the article by HRC, “we do not know this because the company does not participate in the Corporate Equality Index.”

The Corporate Equality Index is a tool to rate U.S. businesses on how they are treating lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered employees, consumers and investors. The Human Rights Campaign stated that they have sent a letter to the company encouraging them to participate in the CEI and to ensure that LGBT people are protected, not by words but by actual corporate policies, but have not had any participation from the company.

Having celebrated 40+ years of tradition and over 3 billion dollars in sales, the company is rooted by hard work, humility and biblical principles. Based on these principles, all of Chick-fil-a’s restaurants operate with a “Closed-on-Sunday” policy, without exception. The question is how much of their beliefs are imposed on their customers if any and how does this affect them and the company’s want to create raving fans.  This current incident has helped shed light on the company policies and how they may not benefit all of their customers. A measurable step that I want is for the company to fill out the Corporate Equality Index, to get additional assistance and advice through the process to ensure that the company is being creating policies that are truly inclusive of all of their employees and customers.

I think this will help the company understand why who they support plays a huge role on how they are perceived, and how they change this to be portrayed as a company that “values all people”




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15 03 2011

I support your voice and desire for justice. As a Christian, I understand both sides of your argument. I can sense your passion through your post and admire that. I have a few suggestions for you mission. I think it would be beneficial for you to encourage Chick-Fil-A executives to support TOLERANCE groups. These groups do not take a side (for gay/ anti gay) but they do support tolerance. This would be a bridge for them to slowly see that their current position is separating their consumers and distancing future chick-fil-a fans!

15 03 2011


I am so happy that you picked this topic. I love chick-fil-a and have only ever seen the good side them and would have never know how they felt about this issue. Im happy that you are bringing light to issue that I’m sure most people are not aware of. Your first post is already making me think twice about going there next time I’m hungry. I also feel like you bring up a good point about them maybe keeping this issue “behind closed doors” since they only posted the video on their facebook page. It makes me wonder if they are keeping anything else under wraps. i can’t wait to hear more.

Christina Corbin

15 03 2011


I think this is a really interesting issue to tackle, and it never would have been brought to my attention had you not decided to write your topic about it. It seems like Chick-fil-a has quite the issue on their hands, and I can see where their actions create such a controversy. I doubt this is something that will slip from peoples’ minds too quickly, so hopefully the company can get their stuff together and do something a little more ambitious about fixing their message.

16 03 2011
Jamie Donovan

I would love to exchange thoughts with you about the social injustice directed at the LGBT community, not only in this example, but in countless others. The video you posted was extremely informative. I was surprised to hear about the retreat Chick-fil-A offers for “traditionally” married couples, and even more shocked that they choose not to engage in the policies of CEI. It is such as shame that the company is masking its social agenda with the disguise of good service and complimentary lunches. Standing behind what you believe whether it be conservative, liberal, religious, non-religious, gay, straight, black white, purple, green, blue, WHATEVER, is more admirable to me than hiding behind a variation of the truth to maintain a customer base. “Keep your social issues and your religious issues out of my chicken nuggets.” Best of luck making a change James.

18 03 2011

I am so glad you chose this. Personally, I try to stand strong with my beliefs and those of the brand or company. For example, Lady Gaga when Target announced they endorsed Anti-Gay acts… She quit as their spokeswoman. I have found myself not shopping at Target anymore because of this. I stay loyal to my gays- as I have mentioned in the past… I am not a member of the LGBT, but working in Entertainment, all my best friends are primarily gay. On this note: I will not go to Chick-fil-A. One, because I don’t really like the food, and now because of my strong emotional restraint towards the company. I stand behind your change and hope this spreads awareness.

28 03 2011

I think your message is great James. Anyone who supports hatred towards others should not be supported. Although I do not eat at Chick-fil-A after hearing about the situation I will let everyone know who they support and not to eat there. I am embarrassed that this hatred is so prominent not only in California but in America. I feel that this needs to end ASAP. If you have any ideas about how we could end this hatred I would love to discuss that with you. I am so proud of you for standing up to something you feel is wrong, and we are all behind you. Hate is hate and no one should have to experience it ever !

Danielle D.

29 03 2011
Erin M

I am embarrassed for this company, and have never eaten there and do not plan to. They are clearly about 3994393 decades behind the society that we live in, and even farther behind in their morals and acceptance learning. It shocks me that there are still COMPANIES supporting anti-gay rights, not to mention individual people. Thank you for taking on such a relevant and worth while cause, and I fully support and will continue to boy-cott this business! SHAME ON YOU CHICK-FIL-ET. TARGET TOO.

29 03 2011

James! I was never aware of the Chick-fil-A stance on the LGBT community! I’ve only ate there once about 6 years ago and I really don’t plan to. (I don’t do fast food.) I think that with the awareness of your topic, it’ll just give me more a motive to ban Chick-fil-A and inform my friends who are crazy fans of them. I think you have a great topic and believe you definitely have a voice that needs to be heard. You are the perfect individual for this. If you could, I think it’d be great for you to write to the CEO or even speak the head manager of your local Chick-fil-A. I’m a Christian and am disgusted by this. I will completely back you up on this and maybe you could even start a petition!

29 03 2011

I really like your topic. I remember one day I went to Chick-fil-A with my friend, and when we sat down, she said, “even though Chick-fil-A is homophobic, I still love their food.” She then proceeded to tell me about the incident. I was disgusted and surprised that something like that would even happen! I’m sure there are thousands upon thousands of people who want Chick-fil-A to make a change like this, and this will only help advance your cause. I hope it turns out successful!

30 03 2011

James, Interesting topic! I think it was a brave choice to do something so investigative, and I also agree that they should post the response on their company website. A press release or some kind of open press statement would also be fitting. I must say I agree with the girl in the video, and would also appreciate it if chik fil-a would “keep their religious issues out of my chicken nuggets.” Will I always be obsessed with their food? Yes. Will I look at them positively from a corporate standpoint after learning this? Nope. Not everyone is as die-hard about chik fil-a’s food as I am, and this is definitely something that could hurt business for them. I respect their founder’s right to his opinions, but does he really need to make that a part of his company’s image? After all, a company image represents more than just the founder.

1 04 2011


I really love your passion for this topic. You have created a great blog with incredible content. You did a lot of great research that has guided your blog.

This incident bothers me and I was so surprised that this would happen in this day and age. Great work!

1 04 2011


I think that you have an important topic. People like to think that we live in a tolerant society but dream on. My question for Chik fil-a is what do your ideologies have to do with food? In N’ Out Burger is also a religiously affiliated but manage to act with integrity and fairness. I really hope you get a good response from the chain as to their practices and ultimately decide to participate in the CEI.


19 04 2011


Chick-Fil-A’s affiliation with such anti-gay organizations is going to be extremely detrimental to its success. You know why? Because your blog is going to raise awareness (and eyebrows) regarding this issue. The problem at hand is that a lot of customers (like me up until reading your blog) don’t even know about Chick-Fil-A’s association with religion-based non profits like WinShape. I hope you continue to spread the word even beyond Internet Communications because I really believe you’re capable of making a difference here. Good luck.


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