The Key Players

20 03 2011

I thought that to understand the change that I wish to bring through my blog, which is for Chik-fil-a to stop sponsoring anti-gay organizations that it is important to understand the key players involved….

First off you have the CEO and President of Chik-Fil-A Dan Cathy involved withhis company’s affiliations  with anti-gay companies.

Second, there are the anti-gay companies that Chik-Fil-A has been affiliated with; Focus on the Family, the National Organization for Marriage, the Ruth Institute, and the Pennsylvania Family Institute.  Chik-fil-a has been reported giving more than 1 million dollars away to these anti-gay groups.

Lastly, I have included organizations that are not in support of  Chik-fil-a sponsoring anti-gay organizations either directly through their franchises or through the company’s  charitable arm, The Winshape Foundation. Those organizations include the Human Rights Campaign, and several college universities. (Indiana University of Pennsylvania, University South Bend, and Florida Gulf Coast University)

In this blog my change agent is the CEO and President of Chik-fil-a, Dan Cathy. I feel that through presenting the facts through the blog that I will draft up a letter to be sent to him along with the blog. Being the President of the company, he directly can change the light that his company is viewed in.

The organizations that I have listed have are instrumental because they in some way have brought the issue of this company supporting anti-gay groups to the public eye.




One response

30 03 2011


I think that your blog is reachable and attainable. Having my blog being along a similar subject matter as yours, I find your blog to be very interesting and is also helping me as I finish up my last few posts since it is also giving me insight from someone personally affected by anti gay issues. I think that your blog is insightful and you have a lot of good information already posted and there is still a lot out there for you to work with. I remember seeing information on Twitter and online about this issue and I can’t wait to keep learning more through your blog. Good luck!

-Sarah Shulman

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