Holy chikin

22 03 2011

I pose this question, Do you think of chicken as being holy food? I know that sounds strange, but do you think that a chicken would discriminate against anyone? Then why do you think a company that specializes in chicken dishes would use their brand and influence and support groups to discriminate against a certain group of people, mainly being the GLBTQ community.

A good quote from the video posted earlier in my blog that one of my classmates Sean reminded me of is very fitting about the situation. “keep their(Chik-fil-a)  religious issues out of my chicken nuggets.”

By not taking that advice, Chik-fil-a got into the public eye in a negative light after a local store in Pennsylvania decided to support the Seminar on the art of marriage by providing food for the conference. The interesting part of this is that the only marriage that the organization recognizes is that of heterosexual marriages. The Institute’s stance on gay marriage is that there should be none and that is because according to the bible it states that marriage should be between a man and woman. I found an interesting clip that gives more information about the institute, but I wanted to focus on the sponsorship for this organization.

I understand that it was not the whole company supporting this seminar but being a local chain of a large corporation such as Chik-fil-a also reflects on the company as a whole. But the company did not find that wrong for one of their stores to support such an obvious religious based organization. What is funny is that only when they receive negative press about an incident , which was that local store providing food did they actually act on it. What was done you may ask? The company asked the Pennsylvania Family Institute not to include the company’s name as a sponsor. unfortunately it was a little too late. What that one small sponsorship did was bring attention to an even larger issue.





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31 03 2011


As you know, I am blogging about a similar topic and am in full support of your issue with Chick-Fil-A. It seems as thought the company makes last ditch efforts to right their wrongs in the public forum. I have encountered this problem with other fast-food chains like Del Taco for example. Both Chick-Fil-A and Del Taco seem to hide their support of anti-gay groups. It took around 10 years of customer loyalty to Del Taco for me to hear that they supported anti-gay organizations. Had I known up front that this was the case, I would have chose an alternative. There is something to be said for the fact that these companies try to disguise their discrimination of the GLBTQ community behind the image of positive family values. If they were truly proud of the message they are endorsing they would broadcast it to the public. By masking the message in secrecy it seems like they are weary of losing their more liberal customer base who might not continue to pump its money into a company who supports social injustice.

Thank you for working to keep the issues out of my chicken nuggets,


31 03 2011

Interesting question you pose in your blog! I think this is a good topic and you have a lot of facts to support it. I think you are one of the many trying to talk to the CEO of Chik Fil A and change his views on giving to anti gay rights organizations. Here is my question for you: can you really stop eating Chik Fil A? It is sooo good! Just kidding, great topic and I really enjoyed reading it!

1 04 2011


I STILL can’t believe chik-fil-a is a supporter of anti-gay organizations. it just baffles me. Besides the fact that it’s just wrong, I don’t know why they’d want to take the chance and associate their organization with it! Thank you for bringing this fact to people’s attention. It is not OK for chik-fil-a to support this, and it disgusts me that they do.

Good luck,

1 04 2011

“keep your religious issues out of my chicken nuggets”…great quote. This is a great blog topic because it is controversial and a very difficult subject to deal with. It is hard to stop eating at a place you like because corporate has certain discriminating views. I think you pose your stance very well, you are respectful but give enough information to show the company’s lack of acceptance. It makes supporting Chick-Fil-A difficult because, by eating there, am I supporting their corporate beliefs? I think they are doing a disservice to their company by discriminating and they are doing a disservice to human beings by being discriminatory. Good luck James! I support YOU!

1 04 2011

It’s true that Chick-Fil-A has discriminating views, but there’s not much we can do to force them to change what the company believes. I think the best thing you can do is spread this knowledge to as many people as possible who can boycott the company. If they lose enough money, they will have to stop supporting such groups. However, this will come out of a financial need rather than actually having their beliefs change. This is a very complicated subject, and I’m impressed that you’re taking it on. Good luck!

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