No Reel love for the Ruth Institute

25 03 2011

The video was submitted to the Ruth Institute, another organization that is affiliated with Chik-fil-a. The challenge was for young adults (18-30) to answer the question (s) in a 30 second (or up to a) 3 minute video, “What makes lifelong love possible? Why is it worth the effort?”

From watching the clip, how do you feel about it? I first encountered an article and blog that contained this video through twitter and instantly I was interested. From watching the video on YouTube I thought it was great that an organization was sponsoring something like this. Sadly, I looked into the competition further and learned that even though the prompt was about talking about real love, the only love that the institute wanted to show was a heterosexual type of love.

In fact in the judging criteria for the video submission, states that it should convey how lifelong love between one man and one woman is possible. That doesn’t sound too good for homosexual people.

Being associated with an organization like the Ruth Institute,  comes back to Chik-fil-a in a negative way. I feel that this in an instant where you a company’s support for an organization yet because of the institute’s negative connotation, whatever bad press the institute receives is automatically grouped with Chik-fil-a. Of course this could be avoided all together had the company decided not to support anti-gay groups. Any affiliations that the company has play a huge role in how people view them.




4 responses

1 04 2011

I absolutely LOVED that video. Thank you for sharing this in your blog, I think it makes an incredible impact. It makes me incredibly angry that the competition states that is can only be love between a man and a woman because that is not REAL love a all, it’s just love that certain people feel is the only kind of love.
The fact that chick-fil-a supports anti-gay groups makes me not want to eat there. I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion on everything and anything but it’s this video submission contest and its “rules” that make me incredibly angry.
Thank you James for deciding to blog on this issue, I love reading your posts!

1 04 2011

Hahah, same as Maddison- So impressed with that video. Your topic is perfect for you to write and important for the world to hear about. You have come at this subject from a rational and composed angle and that will take you farther- i would be extremely heated and mess it up. I would love to see some stats on how their profits have fallen or could fall just to show chick-fil-a that prejudice doesn’t pay. I think your blog with the rest of the backlash will have to change Chick-fil-a’s prejudicial affiliations. Awesome job so far.

1 04 2011

The video is great, but I’m curious to know how the video competition as a whole panned out. I love that as long as there are people out there trying to prevent love, there are double if not triple the amount of people out there proving them wrong and putting them in their place. If large companies, like Chick-fil-a, are going to stand for any set of beliefs, they should be able to do so openly and honestly, instead of concealing and avoiding their relationship with certain organizations. I love that you have called them out on their wrongs.


3 04 2011

Thanks for the comment. Unfortunatley the video never made it past the submission part because it was depicting “True love” Ironic huh

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