Where to draw the line: Facts you didn’t know

29 03 2011

In response to the video, I do commend Mr. Cathy on addressing the issue at all because that shows effort on his part. There are two phrases in the video that I want to bring attention to, first being ” Some have used this small donation of food to suggest otherwise.”  He said this when addressing the incident with the Pennsylvania Family Institute where a local store sponsored the event by supplying food for the conference, The Art of Marriage. The second comment was “Chik-fil-a serves all people, and values all people.”

Is this true? Does Chick-fil-a serve and respect all people? and were there only two small donations that customers are mad about. I found this interesting article that states differently as it breaks down Chick-fil-a’s contribution to anti-gay organizations. Surprising facts about chick-fil-a that you didn\’t know.

This article does an amazing job of outlining why many people have/choose not to eat Chik-fil-a until there is a change in respect for all people. Just below I included an email that was sent to the WinShape foundation asking about a retreat that they offer and it are things like these that I do not feel that Chik-fil-a’s  action which are outlined in the article “values all people.”




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