Students use their influence

30 03 2011

Since the beginning of January 2011 the controversy erupted when some college campus and gay rights groups blasted the restaurant chain for donating free food to a Pennsylvania organization opposed to gay marriage..  Mentioned also in my Key Players, I had mentioned some college universities: Indiana University of Pennsylvania, University South Bend, and Florida Gulf Coast University that have been trying to bring light to the issue.

Students and faculty from Indiana University South Bend petitioned the school to no longer allow Chik-fil-A to be served in the campus cafeteria. The university sent out a press release stating that it is not entirely refusing the vendor’s ability to do business with the campus, Chik-fil-A has been suspended from their weekly delivery while the campus takes “time to properly review the issue.”

From going off of comments about my blog from classmates, I have never felt so much support. While this blog started off as just an assignment for my Internet Communication class, now has changed me into someone who shares his opinions and actually works toward a change. While some of  my classmates and I love Chik-fil-a, they understand and do not agree with the decisions that the company has made in regards of supporting anti-gay groups. Their comments on my blog has given me the needed passion to use my voice in a creative way such as a blog to reach people and introduce them to this subject.

Since starting to research this topic over a month and half ago, I have not eaten Chik-fil-a. From reading other students tweets and messages they share that same sentiment. Myself along with other people who do like Chik-fil-a, want to make sure that when we decide to eat at Chik-fil-a again that the company will hold on to their commitment to value all people.




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