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31 03 2011

As I write this last (required) blog, I am pretty sad because working on this for the past couple of months have been amazing. Thinking about my change that I wish would happen, I would also like you take away another message which is to:

Encourage people but especially young adults to use their voices and their experiences of growing up in a more open-minded world to help influence a greater equality of all people.

Thinking about Chik-fil-a specifically I do not hate them or think that the people who work for them are evil. What I do not agree with is the Inequality that their company believes in. Personally being gay I do not go around and talk to people about how being gay is right or hold conferences on gay relations or even define what I believe marriage to be, so I do not feel that anyone else should.

What Chik-fil-a needs to do is learn that supporting organizations that do these things are wrong and the fact that they support them after stating how they “value all people” is hypocritical. Because I feel as a regular human being, I support all people and I don’t go around supporting people or groups that blatantly hate any group of people.

So what do I want you take a way from this blog?

I want you to realize that we are all people and there is no difference between a gay person and straight person but whom they love, so we shall all should support and respect that. If you think about the people in your life who maybe identify as gay or bisexual or lesbian or in some realm in the community, are they different then you? Do you feel that they should have the same rights? Do you feel that religious beliefs should be so integrated in the everyday operations of a company?

If you believe that we all are equal and all deserve the same rights, then do not support companies and organizations that believe that or support other organizations that believe. Or if you see a situation like Chik-fil-a arise, use your voice to speak up against companies that do support anti groups and don’t back down until there is a change

I am so thankful for all of the support and especially to my intcom class because you have all empowered me to fight for what I believe in.




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26 07 2011
Stephen Brockelman

I have posted an open letter to Chick-Fil-A on my blog: http://bit.ly/n4Q3z3 – feel free to share.

26 07 2011

There are huge differences between homosexual and heterosexual people. First on the list is that Homosexuals, due to their sexual activity, live on average a decade less than heterosexuals. The human body was not designed for homosexuality. The human body was designed for heterosexuality. This basic scientific fact is ignored and logic thrown out of the window. Sodomy is not an act of procreation. It is an act of desecration. It is an act of domination. To spiritual people, their God calls it an abomination.

Homosexuality is an orientation. It is therefore not natural. It is a psychological imprint, not a biological fact. The cases of neuroses in the homosexual community is 400% higher than that of heterosexual community which represents only 3% of the population.

I could go on and on but facts are not what you desire. The Truth is not interesting to anyone involved in homosexuality. You can not debate the facts as they are facts. You therefore must call hate, that which you can not defeat with sound argument.

Orientation is not equal to behavior. You may be oriented towards homosexuality, it does not condone practicing it, anymore than a grown man engaging a female minor. He may be oriented towards that person, but acting on that impulse is not only wrong, it is illegal.

You can try to redefine the English language all you want, but truth is not hate, and facts are often truth. Homosexuality is terrible for the homosexual and dangerous for society at large.

26 07 2011

I understand your point of view but I respectively disagree. Also in my blog I wasn’t championing homosexuality as the law of the land or saying it was better I was simply pointing out that if there is a company that has gay customers that pay for their products, that they should have also considered them when deciding who to support. Especially organizations that are 100 percent against homosexuality.

Me personally I have no problems with talking to someone about homosexuality and heterosexuality and expressing my opinions, but I make sure even if I don’t agree with them I keep an open mind and respect the other person’s viewpoint. I feel that was the problem with chik-fil-a supporting these organizations because there was no considerations for their gay customers. These organizations work around the clock telling people how wrong it is to be gay and how straight is the right sexuality. They are not open to understanding the other side and its because they have predjuices against them. I grew up in Virginia and I have seen the extreme and I grew up in a straight family, and a brother in the military and I am gay so my upbringing never included anything gay related. But regardless my family does support and accept me 100 percent., which I could not be happier for given that in Virginia I remember the lengths that some people went to gay bash my friends and I and other gay people so that they could scare us to hide who we really were and its sad. I proven never try and change someone and tell them because of facts which are not proven.

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